Collective Agreements Signed!

Collective Agreements Signed!

The RCEA is very happy to announce that all 6 collective agreements have been signed by RCEA President Cathie Fraser and Vice-President Human Resources of NRC, Emily Harrison. Pay adjustments are retroactive, and new changes to the agreements will...

AD, AS, CS, PG and TO Group Update

I am pleased to report that the AD, AS, CS, PG and TO Groups have voted, by a majority, to accept the new collective agreements. On behalf of the bargaining committees and the bargaining team and the RCEA, I thank all of you. The next steps are for...

Bargaining News

AD, AS, CS, PG, TO The ratification packages have gone out to the AD, AS, CS, PG and TO groups. The deadline for response is July 9, 2019. Please vote If you do not receive a package please contact the RCEA office.

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining

Preparations for the upcoming rounds of collective bargaining have begun.  We are seeking input from all members as to issues of concern related to the various collective agreements.  If you have had any problems with a specific clause in your...

TO collective agreement

The Technical (TO) collective agreement was signed January 16, 2018. Changes in the new agreement are effective this date. NRC has 90 days to implement the new collective agreement.

TO Group

“I would like the thank the TO Bargaining Team and RCEA Negotiator Joan Van Den Bergh on their knowledge, input and commitment to the group and membership during this round of bargaining”, said Cathie Fraser, RCEA President. “Because of their...

Ratification of TO Agreement

The TO group has ratified the tentative agreement. We have notified NRC. NRC must now begin its own approval process. We do not know how long this will take, but we will continue to provide updates.

TO Group Members

The ratification packages for the TO collective agreement have been sent out.  If you don't receive one by Oct. 16, please contact the RCEA office and one will be sent to you. 613-746-9341