Administrative Support

3 November 2005

Any suggestions or input on changes to the collective agreement should be sent to

October 2005

The bargaining committee met on October 19 to begin the process of formulating demands. It will meet again on November 16.

September 2005

Due to several unforeseen delays, preparations for bargaining will not take place until late September or early October. Pay Equity: The Canadian Human Rights Commission investigator has recommended that the complaint be referred to a Human Rights...

May 2005

Notice to Bargain was served on April 27. The next step will be for the bargaining team to meet and begin formulating demands. This will likely occur in the fall.

8 November 2004

There is an error in the new version of the AD Collective Agreement. Inadvertently, the provisions for Variable Hours of Work under Article 36 were left out of the printed version. They still apply. NRC will be distributing an insert for the...

1 October 2004

The AD contract was signed on October 1st, 2004. NRC has 90 days to implement the terms of the new agreement, including retroactive pay.

September 2004

The Minister of Industry has approved the tentative agreement and it has been sent on to the Treasury Board and the Governor-in-Council. WE do not know when it will be signed. Workforce Adjustment Policy: The Workforce Adjustment Policy is a joint...

August 2004

The collective agreement was ratified. NRC has been notified and will sign the new agreement once the required approvals, from Treasury Board and the Governor-in-Council, have been received.

3 August 2004

Members of the AD Group have ratified the tentative collective agreement. NRC has been notified. They will now begin their approval process. We do not know how long this will take, as the approval of the Governor-in-Council is required. Once this...

6 July 2004

For complete details of the tentative agreement: AD Ratification