Administrative Support

February 2009

On Friday, February 7, the Conservative government introduced an omnibus bill to implement the provisions of the federal budget. Bill C-10 includes two sections that directly impact NRC employees: one section that provides for legislated wage rates...

3 December 2008

Collective Bargaining Update Last week, on November 27, after attempting to engage in meaningful discussions with NRC on the Final Offers, the RCEA Management Committee and representatives of all Bargaining Committees, decided to decline these...

June 2008

Some volunteers have come forward to serve on the bargaining committee. Meetings will be scheduled over the summer to review issues and prepare demands.

March 2008

Notice to bargain has been served. It is now time to form a Bargaining Committee. The role of the Committee is to select a Group Chairperson, formulate demands, determine bargaining strategy and select a bargaining team. The Committee meets during...

January 2008

The collective agreement was signed on January 11, 2008. Changes in the new agreement are effective this date.

November 2007

We are still waiting to sign the collective agreements. The last communication from NRC on this stated: “We have still not been able to get GIC approval for the AD, AS and CS CAs. Confusion seems to exist between the minister’s office and PCO as to...

July 2007

While NRC has 90 days from May 14, 2007 to implement the pay and  new annual leave provisions of the Arbitral Award, the remaining changes to the collective agreement will not become effective until those items are signed off.  As with prior...

29 May 2007

Details of changes to AD collective agreement and rates of pay.

17 May 2007

AD Group Arbitral Award Issued (full text) The Arbitration Board, that was formed to hear the case for the AD group, has rendered its final and binding decision. The entire decision will be posted on the website. As well, we will also post a review...

April 2007

The RCEA presented its brief at the Arbitration Board hearing scheduled on April 17 and 18, 2007. The RCEA will update the website as soon as we receive a decision from the Board. Arbitration Brief