Administrative Services

15 July 2004

The AS contract was signed on July 15, 2004. NRC has 90 days to implement the terms of the new agreement, including retroactive pay.

22 June 2004

The collective agreement was ratified. NRC has been notified. They have sent the package to the Privy Council Office. We are waiting for a signing date.

4 June 2004

Members of the AS Group have ratified the tentative collective agreement. NRC has been notified. They will now begin their approval process. We do not know how long this will take, as the approval of the Governor-in-Council is required. Once this...

May 2004

Tentative agreement reached! On April 29, 2004, the AS Bargaining Team reached a tentative collective agreement with NRC. The Bargaining Team feels that this is the best agreement at this time, given all the uncertainties in the Public Service. The...

12 May 2004

For complete details of the tentative agreement: AS ratification.

March 2004

The President of the Treasury Board recently announced that the freeze on reclassifications has been lifted. NRC has indicated that they will be ready to proceed with bargaining very shortly.

November 2003

Bargaining demands have been sent to NRC.

October 2003

The bargaining committee is meeting on October 22 to review the results of the bargaining questionnaire. Demands and pay data will also be reviewed. Once demands are finalized, they will be submitted to NRC and bargaining dates will be scheduled....