A Message to Our Francophone Members


We are proud to be a bilingual Union. We believe diverse voices are what makes us stronger. We also know that it is vital to recognize when we make mistakes, the injury it may cause others and to be accountable for when this happens.

The RCEA and the NRC recently came to a tentative agreement on three of our six collective agreements. We know all of our membership is anxious about their working conditions and the need for increases to their salaries during these troubled financial times.

What we did not appreciate, was our finding that tentative agreements are not translated by the NRC. Currently, they will only translate the final signed collective agreements. Whatever position we take on that matter, we have a responsibility to our members: ALL of our members.

We failed to provide a ratification document to our Francophone Members in French.

We acknowledge that this is not acceptable, that some form of document must always be made available in both official languages and by not doing so it sent a message of disrespect to all members, most importantly those directly affected: our Francophone RCEA Members.

To address this, we pledge the following:

  1. We are providing the Summary Document in French for our members of the three tentative agreements: AS, OP, PG;
  2. We will extend the time for voting on these agreements by another week (i.e. Thursday July 11, 2024).
  3. Future Collective Agreement Summary Documents will include all key changes and be provided in both official languages in Canada;
  4. We accept responsibility and unreservedly apologize to our membership for this occurrence.



On behalf of the RCEA Leadership,


Michelle Macfarlane

1st VP (Acting President) RCEA