Attention Members,


We are pleased to announce that the RCEA has reached a tentative agreement for the following collective agreements with the NRC: Purchasing and Supply (PG), Administrative Services (AS), and Operational (OP).


If you are a member of one of these three bargaining units, on Monday June 24, we will send you an electronic copy of the tentative agreement for your review and for you to vote upon. If a simple majority of members vote in favour of the tentative agreement it will be ratified/accepted by the RCEA. If a simple majority of members vote against the tentative agreement, it will be rejected and the bargaining committee in question will be required to return to the bargaining table to resume bargaining. Please note, in each case, the bargaining committee has endorsed the tentative agreement that is being sent to you and they encourage you to vote “yes” (“ratify”).


The voting period will be slightly shorter so that we can receive results as quickly as possible before summer vacations.


Key Dates to Remember:


Monday, June 24th: Ratification packages will be distributed to members of the PG, AS, and OP groups.


Wednesday, July 3rd at noon EDT: Voting period closes.


Wednesday July 3rd at 16:00 EDT: Results of the ratification vote will be posted.


This is an important step in the ratification process, and we encourage all PG, AS, and OP members to carefully review the materials included in the packages.

We appreciate your participation in this process and encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have at the “contact us” link on this website. Your involvement is vital to ensuring the best outcomes for all members.


Thank you for your continued support and engagement.


In solidarity,


The Research Council Employees’ Association