June 3rd, 2024


The RCEA is proud to announce that after several days of joint bargaining, we have reached tentative agreements with the NRC for three bargaining units: the PG, AS, and OP units.

These agreements will see salary increases of 12.5% over four years.

The increases are as follows: (Note: specific dates will be identified in the ratification packages)

 Year 1 – economic increase – 3.5%

Year 1 – wage adjustment – 1.25%

Year 2 – economic increase – 3.0%

Year 2 – pay-line adjustment – 0.5%

Year 3 – economic increase – 2.0%

Year 3 – wage adjustment – 0.25%

Year 4 – economic increase – 2.0%


In addition to these salary increases, other changes include:

  • Lump sum payment of $2500 (PG, AS, OP)
  • 15.625 hours of accumulated vacation leave credits by 17th anniversary of service (PG, AS, OP)
  • Increase in meal allowance to $12.00 (PG, AS, OP)
  • Increase in retention allowance to $3500 annually and $13.42 daily (AS – Compensation Advisors)
  • Increase to paid premium for part-time employees to 4.6 percent for all straight-time hours during the period of part-time employment (PG, AS, OP)
  • Introduction of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as holiday with pay (PG, AS, OP)
  • Introduction of pay with leave to visit a family member who is nearing the end of their life due to an incurable terminable illness and increase in hours to attend an appointment with a legal or paralegal representative to fifteen hours (PG, AS, OP)
  • Improvements to domestic violence leave language (PG, AS, OP)
  • Improvements to bereavement leave language (PG, AS, OP)
  • Introduction of leave for traditional Indigenous practices (PG, AS, OP)
  • Improvements to technological change language (PG, AS)
  • Improvements to the “no discrimination” language (PG, AS, OP)
  • Improvements to shift and weekend premiums (OP)
  • Improvements to terminable allowance (OP – HVAC)
  • New MOU on gender-inclusive language in the Collective Agreements (PG, AS, OP)
  • New LOA on apprenticeship program (OP)
  • New MOU on workplace harassment (PG, AS, OP)
  • New MOU on job descriptions/statement of duties (PG, AS, OP)
  • New MOU on call back (OP)


A ratification package is currently being prepared and will be sent out shortly. If there are any questions, please direct them to office@rcea.ca


Your Bargaining Teams:



Kelsie Coughlan

Katie Homuth



Matae Watson

Simro Kooner

Alex Satenstein



Mike Carriero

Mike Gasser

Shane Carvalho

Marc Taillefer


Thank you to the members of the Bargaining Committees that worked diligently on this round of bargaining.