Hello RCEA Members,

I was incredibly disappointed when the President of NRC announced Wednesday night that NRC would be following the directions to the Core public service and increasing the minimum on-site presence to 3 days per week. The public service unions were informed at a meeting on May 1st at 14:00 of this change to the Core public service and all unions were frustrated at the lack of the required consultation in this decision. At that meeting, I supported the position that the Core public service unions took: That it was unacceptable that there was no consultation and that there is no need to revise the current 2-day onsite minimum.

As NRC is a separate agency from the Core public service, I had hoped that NRC would consult with the RCEA and PIPSC before making such a sweeping change. I was greatly disappointed when, at a meeting with NRC on Wednesday May 1st at 16:30, we were informed by NRC senior management that NRC would be following the Core in implementing a 3-day minimum on-site presence.

The Government of Canada has not shown any evidence that this change is necessary. The NRC did not consult with the RCEA on this change and we object strongly to this lack of consultation. We are assessing the legal ramifications of these actions on the part of the NRC and will take appropriate measures. In the coming days and weeks, the RCEA will be joining other unions in fighting this sudden and unnecessary policy change.

Please watch the RCEA website for developing information on what we and other public service unions are doing to protect our members rights and to hold the NRC and the Government of Canada accountable for its actions and decisions.

My Best,

Bernard Holbrook
RCEA President