Happy New Year RCEA Members,

I’d hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break. Please keep safety in mind as you return to work in 2024. I’d like to thank NRC for having a ‘Safety Standdown’ to highlight the importance of working safely at the NRC.

There have been some changes at the RCEA in December. Marvin Zaluski has finished his term as Interim President on 2023 Dec 31. I would like to thank Marvin for his years of service to the RCEA both as 1st VP and as Interim President. One of our Labour Relations team, Sumeeta Narula, has left the RCEA to pursue other opportunities. I would like to thank Sumeeta for her great work as Co-Chair on the NRC Pay Equity Committee, the grievance files and collective bargaining work she headed. She will be missed at the RCEA and we wish her success in the next phase of her career. I would like the welcome Jude Morrison back to the RCEA in her former role on the RCEA’s Labour Relations team. Jude has extensive experience in grievances and in negotiations. Welcome back, Jude!

The RCEA’s focus for the first half of 2024 is to complete negotiations with the NRC for the 6 collective agreements that we hold. Negotiations for the Operational group is well underway and has set the stage for language we hope to achieve in all of our agreements. We are in the initial stages of moving forward with the Administrative Services and Administrative Support groups. The NRC is currently finishing up negotiations with PIPSC this January and we are planning on sitting down with NRC after; this is currently planned for February and March 2024. Once the negotiations with the Operational, Administrative Services and Administrative Support groups close, we will start negotiations for the Purchasing and Supply, Computer Systems and Technical groups.

There will be a renewed call for members to volunteer for various Bargaining Teams as the various groups come up for negotiations. This is a great way to be heard and have a part in shaping your next collective agreement. Please reach out to Contact RCEA  to volunteer.

Once bargaining wraps up, the focus for the RCEA will shift to strengthening and improving Governance. Planned work includes improved reporting to the National Executive Committee, reviewing and improving the RCEA Policy Manual, and creating an ‘Election Handbook’ to guide how future elections will be run.

I look forwards to working together in 2024.

My Best,

Bernard Holbrook

RCEA President