On October 26, 2023, the RCEA hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

An update regarding collective bargaining was provided by Jude Morrison, below you will find a summary:

  • The Union served notice to bargain to the employer in February 2022. While this does not automatically start collective bargaining, it does serve to prepare each side for the inevitable next step.
  • In March 2023, the RCEA sent out notices for interested members to:
  • provide input into their current working conditions and prioritize areas for improvements;
  • to solicit members to participate in the bargaining committee for their collective agreement
  • In June 2023, the Union and Employer discussed timelines for bargaining. As the NRC had already set dates to bargain with the other Unionized groupings represented by the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), they could only offer a set of days at the end of August or the beginning of September for ONE group.
    • For perspective, the RCEA represents six groups – AS, AD, CS, OP, PG, and TO.
  • The RCEA met with the NRC to begin bargaining with the OP group in August/September and again in October, with further dates in December.
  • The Administrative Support (AD) and Administrative Services (AS) are closely linked in their language. These two tables have dates to commence bargaining formally with dates in December/January.
  • The Technical Category (TO) bargaining committee has met as an RCEA team but will not have dates set until December/January at the earliest.
  • The remaining groups of Purchasing and Supply (PG) and Computer Systems (CS) do not yet have dates set down.

For more information about the collective bargaining process, please click here.