Marvin Zaluski

Together We Will Build a Better Future

It has been my privilege to work at the NRC since 1994 and to serve in important and vital roles in the RCEA since 2009, including most recently as your RCEA President. I am respectfully putting my name forward to fulfill the remainder of the RCEA President mandate. With the extensive knowledge and experience I have through my commitment to the RCEA, I am the right choice to continue our work together.

I graduated in 1996 from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Science and a Master of Computer Science in 2003 from the University of Ottawa. During my 29 years working at the NRC, I have contributed to many projects in applied Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics in the positions of summer student, TO and CS. My dedication and contribution to the RCEA has been through my stewardship, Vice-President position, committees for RCEA Management and RCEA Finance, and as team member and Chairperson of bargaining committees. Since becoming your Interim President in May 2023, my resolve has become even more prevalent to continue my tenure and to serve the members of the RCEA. Outlined below are my objectives to enhance the RCEA when elected to complete the current mandate.

Financial Stability: As President and Vice-President, I provide financial planning and fiscal responsibilities for the RCEA. Over time, our plans have drastically improved the RCEA’s financial position. I will continue to review costs to maintain this strong position. The RCEA still remains the bargaining agent with the lowest monthly dues, and I will continue this, without jeopardizing any services to members.

Member Engagement: Labour Relations requires a specialized skill-set that I have actioned by hiring two Labour Relations advisors for the RCEA. The RCEA receives many questions and concerns from members, and these are dealt with by me and your highly-skilled Labour Relations advisors. These issues rarely require legal intervention; however, when required, we consult with our contracted legal resources. In my first months as President, I implemented a new process that has improved collaboration and accountability by engaging the RCEA Management Committee in reviewing bargaining strategies for all RCEA groups. Career progression has been an ongoing concern for me and the RCEA. I have re-opened consultations with the NRC to address this concern for all RCEA groups. As an IT expert, I endeavour to seek IT solutions that will help identify and address member concerns. I am currently having the RCEA membership database upgraded which will better serve our members through improved data integrity and additional functionality.

Establish and Maintain Relationships: Through my union experience, I realize the importance and time it takes to establish and maintain valuable relationships among key stakeholders. My dedication over the last 10 years as 1st Vice-President has been to develop these key relationships for the RCEA. This is accomplished by listening to members and presenting concerns to NRC management at JCC, NCOSH, WFA Consultation, and one-on-one meetings. I will continue to work collaboratively with all other bargaining agents and participate in consultations with the Employers that represent all of the federal public service. I will strengthen these relationships with NRC, NJC, TBS and other stakeholders when elected. These relationships allow me to be a strong voice for you.

The positions and committees I hold that cultivate these relationships are listed below.

Positions and Committees
RCEA President
RCEA 1st Vice-President and Union Steward
Chairperson, RCEA Management Committee and RCEA National Executive Committee
Co-chairperson, NRC National Committee on Occupational Safety and Health
Co-chairperson, NRC Joint Consultation Committee
Bargaining Agent Side Representative, NJC Service-Wide Committee on Occupational Health and Safety
Bargaining Committees for AD, AS, CS, OP, PG, TO
Workforce Adjustment (WFA) Bargaining Team for RCEA
RCEA Constitution Committee and RCEA Finance Committee
NRC COVID-19 Response Committee
NRC Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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