The RCEA represents six different groups of employees at the NRC and each of these different groups are bargained separately. Improvements to salaries, hours of work, leave provisions, discipline, and other working conditions are negotiated through the collective bargaining process. The negotiation of the collective agreement occurs between the RCEA staff and representatives and the Employer.

  1. Committees are formed to represent the interests of each Bargaining Unit, AD, AS, CS, PG, OP, TO
  2. Bargaining proposals are formulated based on membership input and current trends
  3. Bargaining team members and chairperson are selected from the Bargaining Unit Committee
  4. A bargaining team consists of committee members, an Executive Officer of the RCEA and a Negotiator, normally RCEA staff
  5. The bargaining team meets with representatives of NRC to negotiate mutual proposals

This tentative agreement is brought to the membership to be voted on. If the collective agreement is ratified, it is signed by the RCEA representatives and the Employer parties and comes into affect after signing.

If you are interested in participating in the collective bargaining process or would like additional information, please visit: