To become an RCEA member you must fill in an enrolment card.

Why should you enroll?

The RCEA provides advice and individual representation to members on all employment related issues. It represents members in grievances and complaints, both at NRC and before independent third parties, such as the Public Service Labour Relations Board, and the National Joint Council. With enrolment, members also gain access to exclusive savings.

Members who do not enroll with the RCEA are considered RANDS until an enrolment card is received. A RAND deductee is a dues-paying member of a bargaining unit, but not of the union itself.

In 1946, Justice Rand of the Supreme Court of Canada, issued a landmark legal decision following a strike in Windsor, Ontario, involving 17,000 Ford workers. He granted the union, as part of the settlement in 1945-46, the compulsory check-off of union dues. Rand ruled that all workers in a bargaining unit benefit from a union-negotiated contract. Therefore, he reasoned they must pay union dues, although they do not have to join the union.

This decision means that unless bargaining unit members sign and submit an enrolment card, they are not members of the RCEA, even though they must pay full union dues. A RAND member cannot vote on any matter of the RCEA and will not receive any information the RCEA forwards to its members.