Marvin ZaluskiI am currently a CS with Digital Technologies in Ottawa. I am a Software & Systems Analyst within the Data Analytics Centre at M50. I have been an RCEA shop steward since 2009 and your 1st Vice President since 2014. My family have always had a strong propensity for unions, as my parents were active union members, and my father was President of local S-955 RWDSU in Saskatchewan. I joined the RCEA to help co-workers with work place issues, and now I am privileged to be able to help the entire membership in my VP role.

As a VP, I have been able to be a strong advocate for mental and physical health in your work places. Some of my current committees are: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultation, Co-chair of NCOSH, Joint Consultation, COVID labour relations and OSH committees, and Hybrid Work Place consultations.

Outside of working hours, I enjoy time with my family and friends, snowboarding and hockey in winter and long-distance cycling in summer.

I can be reached at:

Marvin Zaluski