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Hello Members,

Happy Spring.

The RCEA is getting ready to begin the bargaining process of new collective agreements for all groups.  We need your help as volunteer members are needed to sit on Bargaining Unit Committees, Article 6.6 RCEA Constitution.  Members are the best resource we have for these committees as you know what you want and need in your new contracts

For each group a bargaining unit committee is established to discuss, decide and develop what articles will be put forward, updated or revised.  A bargaining unit committee can be comprised of as many group members as needed but should be no less than 3.  We need more volunteers for all groups, and as of today we do not have volunteers for AD or PG.

From this bargaining unit committee a Bargaining Team and Chairperson, Article 6.7 RCEA Constitution, are chosen for “face to face” negotiations with the employer. I encourage you to have a voice in your bargaining processes and in your new collective agreements.