The RCEA has served Notice to Bargain for all 6 bargaining units. Although face to face bargaining has not yet started, it is important that committees be established.

The RCEA is looking for volunteers to sit on all bargaining committees for the AD, AS, CS, OP, PG and TO groups. As per the RCEA constitution, article 6.6, prior to each collective bargaining cycle, a new bargaining unit committee shall be established.

There is no automatic carry-over of members from previous rounds or committees. Members from prior bargaining committees who indicate their willingness to volunteer again are welcome.

New volunteer members from all locations across Canada are welcome and encouraged to participate.

The committees meet to prepare, recommend, and finalize demands. Preparation meetings take place over the lunch hour (EST). Participation for regional members is through either teleconference or video call. Each committee shall elect a chairperson and bargaining team from amongst the committee members.

If you are interested in volunteering and participating on a committee, please contact Please provide your name and the bargaining unit that you represent (AD, AS, CS, OP, PG, TO).