Hello RCEA members,

As you know, NRC President Iain Stewart sent out an announcement to all employees (December 15, 2022) regarding an updated return-to-work policy sent out to all departments by TBS https://www.canada.ca/en/government/publicservice/staffing/common-hybrid-work-model-federal-public-service.html

I, and all other Bargaining Agent Presidents, were called to a virtual TBS meeting late in the morning of December 15, 2022, and given less than one hour notice of this announcement going out to the department heads.  Disappointment once again, as no consultation was done on this new policy between TBS and BA stakeholders.  During the call, I noted that while this TBS policy was required for the Core Public Service, it was only a recommendation to separate employers.  Unfortunately, NRC has made the surprisingly rapid decision to comply.  As we had already gone through this exercise over the late spring and summer as many NRC employees returned to the workplace, I am profoundly disappointed that all the long hard work we did on the telework policy and getting many of our members settled back into the workplace at that time, will potentially have to re-start and that the decision has been made to put employees into upheaval once again – and just days before the holidays.

At this time, we have received no details or information on implementation of this policy.  As such, I have already written Mr. Stewart and requested consultation with the policy group as soon as possible given that the policy is supposed to take effect (for the Core Public Service) by January 16th, 2023, although this date is not mentioned in Mr. Stewart’s email and, therefore, could be different for NRC.  Please be assured that we will be seeking as much information as possible and will communicate it as it becomes available over the coming weeks.

Thank you,
Cathie Fraser