Hello Members,

The RCEA is comprised of 6 bargaining units, being AD, AS, PG, TO, OP and CS.  Of those, the first 4 expired on 30 April 2022 and 31 March 2022 respectively and Notice to Bargain has been served on the NRC.  The OP agreement expires shortly (July 30, 2022) and Notice to Bargain will be served imminently.  For the CS group, Notice to Bargain will be served towards the end of the year as that agreement does not expire until 21 December 2022.

Once Notice to Bargain has been served, all terms of conditions within the existing agreement are frozen in that they cannot be unilaterally changed while we bargain a new agreement.  At the same time, we are now beginning to prepare the collective bargaining (CB) process.  In that regard, we have already provided a suggestion box whereby members can send input for the upcoming round.  If you would like to do so, please send your suggestions to https://rcea.ca/members-send-us-ideas-for-your-next-collective-agreement/ . While that process of member input continues, we will also be researching and preparing for all aspects of CB.  In the Fall, we expect to put out a call for members interested in sitting on their respective bargaining unit committees.  Please keep your eyes open for that invite on the www.rcea.ca website and put your name forward if this process interests you.  The next agreement will impact you on many items, from wages to leave, for the next few years so please consider getting involved if you are able to make the time.  As the process continues to roll out, please check our website regularly for further updates.

Thank you,
Deb Cooper
Executive Director