A Message from Dale MacMillan
Vice-President, Corporate Services & Chief Financial Officer
National Research Council Canada

NRC Resuming on-site work posture: September 12, 2022

On-site work posture: phased-in approach
To facilitate a smooth return of employees on site, the NRC will be approaching this in phases from September 12 to December 15, 2022, based on CBI plans. Staff who have not been working on site regularly are encouraged to start coming back periodically over the summer months to slowly acclimate to their environments or to clean up their worksite to support future work arrangements. As CBIs implement their return to on-site plans, your management team will be on site to welcome staff and guide new employees who were hired during the pandemic and have never been in an NRC building.

Telework agreements completed before end of August 2022
Employees who have requested an off-site or hybrid work arrangement must have their telework agreement approved before the end of August 2022. If a telework agreement is not in place by this date, employees will be required to return to work on site starting September 12. A reminder that all positions remain associated with an NRC work location which must be indicated in the telework agreement.

Flexibility in work arrangements
Directors general and executive directors are encouraged to allow their teams to experiment with work arrangement options, particularly the hybrid model, which offers meaningful opportunities for collaboration, idea generation and knowledge transfer, while building a strong public service culture. This approach is not a one-size-fits-all, which means that CBIs can test which approach works best, based on operational needs and employee well-being, starting this summer, to be ready to implement in the fall.