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The RCEA is your union and represents over 1800 members, across Canada, in six bargaining units:

AD, AS, CS, OP, PG, and TO.

The RCEA is your union.  We represent over 1,800 NRC employees in six different bargaining units.  We strive to provide the best negotiation, information and representation possible.  But we can’t do it alone. The RCEA relies on local stewards to act as the main point of contact between members and the union.  Local stewards are members of the RCEA National Executive Committee, the main governing body of the union. This committee meets up to four to five times each year; these meetings are held after working hours at 5:00 p.m. EST at the RCEA office and via teleconference.

Please consider putting your name forward.  We are always looking for new, interested volunteers.

If you wish to volunteer, please complete the nomination form and return it to the RCEA office electronically at

The more members that participate, the stronger the RCEA will be!