The RCEA is your union and represents over 1800 members, across Canada, in six bargaining units:

AD, AS, CS, OP, PG, and TO.

Local stewards are the main point of contact between members and their union, and act as a support person for members with questions and concerns.  Stewards represent their members on the RCEA National Executive Committee, which is the main governing body of the RCEA.  This committee meets up to four or five times each year.  These meetings are held after working hours at 5:00PM EST at the RCEA office and via teleconference for regions.

Steward training is provided, handbooks are distributed, and the RCEA staff are always here to help and answer any of your questions.

Please join your union team by becoming an RCEA steward.

For a nomination form please click here or call 613-746-9341.