Hello Members,

I hope you are enjoying the change is seasons and enjoying the beginning of Spring.

I would like to congratulate Joan Van Den Bergh on her retirement.  Joan has been the labour relations specialist and negotiator for the RCEA since 1999.  We wish her all the best in her retirement.

I would like to welcome Deborah Cooper to the RCEA.  She can be reached at DCooper@rcea.ca

Even though many public COVID restrictions are being revised, updated and changed, the Federal Vaccine Mandate and the NRC Vaccine Policy (Policy on COVID-19 Vaccination for the National Research Council) are still in effect.  The Core Public Service Vaccine Mandate was to be reviewed at its 6-month interval in April, and the bargaining agents are still waiting for an update from TBS.  The NRC Policy came into effect a few weeks later on November 15, 2021, and we are hopeful that at its 6-month review timeframe we will have more news to share.  All conditions and guidelines of the mandate will be in effect until a review is completed.  As soon as there is news, we will post it on the RCEA website.

The NRC health and safety protocols for workplaces is set by the Public Service Occupational Health Program, not the provincial or municipal COVID guidelines.  If you are hearing of changes to protocols and guidelines, please remember to check with PSOHP to see how this would affect you in your federal workplace.


I wish you a happy Spring.

Take care,