Joan is a labour relations specialist and negotiator who has advocated for the Canadian federal public sector since 1980. Joan has worked at and advised numerous bargaining agents including the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, National Capital Commission, Canadian Association of Public Employees, Canada Food Inspection Agency and joined the Research Council Employees’ Association in 1999 as our labour relations negotiator.

Joan is the longest serving member of any NJC committee, and has contributed and consulted on 4 National Joint Council committees including Workforce Adjustment, Government Travel, Occupational Health and Safety and most recently Relocation. The NJC negotiates Directives that are a very important part of the RCEA and all Public Service collective agreements.

As the RCEA sole negotiator and labour relations person Joan has negotiated 47 collective agreements on behalf of the RCEA membership. This is quite astounding.

Joan has always maintained an open and honest working rapport and this has carried over to her outstanding working relationship with the National Research Council. I know she is recognized as fair and respectful in her affiliation with the employer, and this rapport always benefits the members.

The RCEA office, stewards and membership wish Joan happiness and joy in her retirement.