A Message From :

TBS claims office / Bureau des réclamations du SCT


If you have attempted to fill in the forms on the TBS website and are getting an error message, please check these two links for eligibility and a mail in option.

Please check Canada.ca to verify whether you are eligible to file a claim:

Claim damages caused by Phoenix: General compensation for damages for former employees – Canada.ca

If you are eligible, file a manual claim through the below link:

Claim Form for Compensation for Financial Damages Caused by the Phoenix Pay System (canada.ca)

Please send your completed claim form by mail or courier to the following address:

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Attention: TBS Claims Office
90 Elgin St., Ottawa ON
K1A 0R5

If you are a legal representative filing on behalf of a claimant or estate of a deceased claimant, please ensure supporting documents verifying your eligibility to act on the claimant’s or estate’s behalf are included.