During a press release In July 2021, the Canadian government announced that the Pay Equity Act would come into effect in August 2021. The associated Pay Equity Regulations define how the act will be implemented. Amongst other things, the regulations define the creation of work/consultative committees constituted of management and represented workers.

For more information concerning this act can be found at the following link:


This legislation will affect some members of the RCEA, and to best represent you, the RCEA will need your input. Hence, we are seeking volunteers from our membership to join us on such a committee for consultation with the NRC.

Meetings will be held by videoconference, therefore this committee is accessible to any RCEA member who volunteers. The first meeting will be held in January 2022, the further meeting dates will be decided at the first meeting.  Time off for meetings will be during work hours and will be time-coded as union/management consultation.

Please join this committee, your insight would be of great value to all RCEA members affected by Pay Equity.  If you are interested, please communicate with me at the following address



Michelle Lévesque

2nd VP, RCEA