The RCEA would like to congratulate all members on the 2021 Safety and Health Week. Now more than ever, working together to maintain a healthy workplace is important. Likewise, we must work together to keep ourselves and our family healthy outside of the workplace.

The Research Council Employees Association (RCEA) is very pleased to be Co-Chair of the National Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH) for the NRC. The RCEA membership, and myself, are very fortunate to have Mr. Michael Vandenhoff as the second RCEA representative and alternate chair for this committee. Michael’s knowledge of safety and health issues is unending.  The RCEA, NRC and NCOSH are lucky to have this vital resource.

When developing internal policies and programs, the RCEA may call upon members for their invaluable insight and knowledge. These working groups are a collaborative forum of employees (members) and employer who recommend, advise and guide to help the NCOSH with its mandate of continued safety and health for all employees and workers at the NRC. I am proud to represent RCEA members on the NRC’s National Committee of Occupational Safety and Health.

Cathie Fraser
President, Research Council Employees’ Association (RCEA)