The RCEA is pleased to announce that we have signed two agreements with NRC regarding additional compensation for issues related to the Phoenix payroll system that will see eligible members receive up to $1,100 and some members receive even more.

As you are likely aware, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) negotiated two settlements in July 2020 for Phoenix related issues: the first providing up to $1,500 in general damages stemming from the payroll fiasco, the second providing up to $1,000 to settle a grievance related to the late implementation of the collective agreements reached in 2014 because of Phoenix.

Even though the RCEA had not filed a grievance related to the late implementation of our 2014 agreement, the NRC has agreed to match the $1,000 settlement reached with PSAC for that issue. This means you are eligible for a taxable payment of up to $1000 based on the years you were working in a position represented by the RCEA:

$400 for 2016-17, and

$200 for each of the 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20 fiscal years.

With regards to general damages, the RCEA reached an agreement with NRC back in 2019 that saw up to five days of paid leave provided to members. For some members, this had a greater cash value than the PSAC settlement of $1,500, along with greater flexibility in that it could be taken as leave, banked as leave or cashed out.

However, for members with a salary of less than $78,264 ($300 per day) the agreement provides for an additional (taxable) cash settlement to make up the difference (your days of leave are not affected, this is additional compensation, not a replacement). If that applies to you, you are eligible for as many top-up payments as you received days of leave for Phoenix. The amount of the top-up payment is equal to the difference between $300 and your daily rate of pay, which may be different for each of the fiscal years. The payment will only apply if the difference is more than $10.

It is unclear when these payments will be processed. Current members that meet the eligibility criteria do not need to take any further action to request the payment. Former members will need to submit a claim to receive the payment; we anticipate that a form will be available in the coming weeks.  We will post on the RCEA website when available.

The second agreement with NRC deals with the catch-up clause contained in our collective agreements dealing with the implementation of the collective agreements.

All members received a gross payment of $400 in recognition of the extended time lines to implement the last agreement.  The PSAC negotiated a $500 payment for this, so RCEA members will receive the difference of $100.

It is important to note that all of the amounts identified in these agreements are gross amounts and will be subject to normal statutory deductions.

This is great news for RCEA members, past and present, who have been hit hard with pay issues due to Phoenix. Whether or not your pay was directly impacted, the stress of a failed pay system has affected many members.