On October 28, 2020, NRC announced new rules regarding the use of Other Leave with Pay, code 0699.  The RCEA has since filed a policy grievance against some of these rules.  That grievance is moving through the grievance process.  Many other public service bargaining agents have also filed similar grievances. We have included a link to the grievance.

The RCEA have continued to have discussions with NRC about the use of 0699 leave, particularly in light of recent provincial lock-downs and states of emergency and the closing of schools.  If a member who is working from home must now supervise virtual learning of their children, and finds it difficult to complete their daily hours of work, they should have a discussion with their supervisor.  Supervisors have been told to be flexible with respect to when work is done during the day.  Members who cannot complete their work can also use Family Related Responsibility Leave until that leave is exhausted.  When such leave is exhausted, employees should speak to their supervisor about using 0699 leave.  Each case will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but we have been assured that NRC will be flexible and compassionate. The RCEA have been assured that these decisions will not take long.  If any member is having difficulty with this, please contact office@rcea.ca.

Should a member exhaust their Family Related Responsibility Leave, and subsequently needs such leave, NRC has indicated that they are open to discussions on this.  Members will also get a new allotment of FRR on April 1, 2021.