Looking for RCEA member Volunteers

The Health Safety and Environment (HSE) branch will update its policy instruments on personal protective equipment to reflect legislative changes and is looking for participants for a working group. The major topics included for this revision are:

– fall protection

– protective headwear

– protective footwear

– eye and face protection

– respiratory protection               

– skin protection

– protection against drowning

– loose clothing

– protection against moving vehicles

 The policy instruments to support information on personal protective equipment are:

  1. A directive on protective equipment
  2. A directive for respiratory protection to address specific requirements
  3. Possibly a directive for fall protection (The need for a separate directive will be evaluated by the working group and if a separate document is not needed, the subject will be covered in the directive on protective equipment)

HSE is looking for individuals with general knowledge in health and safety at the NRC and specific knowledge of one or several protective equipment. HSE specialists will also be part of the working group to bring their expertise and close any knowledge gap.