Monthly Disability Insurance plan premium rates effective July 8, 2020

The Disability Insurance (DI) Plan costs are shared between the plan member and the Government of Canada.

The Government of Canada pays 85% of the premium and the plan member the remaining 15%.

Effective July 8, 2020, the premium rate for the DI Plan is $2.32 for every $1,000 of a plan member’s insured salary. Employees pay 15% of this amount; or $0.35 for every $1,000 of insured salary. The employer pays the remaining 85%; or $1.97 for every $1,000 of insured salary.

Premium contributions are normally made by payroll deduction but are waived while a member is receiving disability benefits or when not receiving pay from which to deduct a premium such as during any part of an ‘elimination period’.