I would like to express my gratitude during these challenging times for the exceptional work of the many public servants across different federal government organizations in delivering critical services to Canadians over the past month. The physical distancing we have experienced over the past several weeks has had an impact on each of us, personally and professionally. This is particularly true as we enter a time of year when many of us are unable to gather and celebrate with family and friends, as we would normally do.

As I continue in my commitment to provide you with updated information and resources, I encourage all of you to join me in acknowledging the work we continue to do under extraordinary circumstances to ensure Canadians are equipped to battle this pandemic.

We have recently developed resources on Mental health and COVID-19 for public servants that will help equip employees, managers and executives in managing their mental health during the pandemic. They include tips and tools on self-care and building resilience to better cope with the psychological impacts of involuntary telework and isolation over an extended period of time.

In addition, employees who are struggling, either personally or in supporting family members or others, are encouraged to reach out to the services and supports offered through the Employee Assistance Program and the Public Service Health Care Plan. We encourage you to share these resources broadly.