News release

November 29, 2019 – Ottawa, Ontario – Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

The Government remains determined to address the impacts that the implementation of the Phoenix pay system has had on public servants.

Today, as part of its implementation of the agreement on damages caused by Phoenix, the Government launched a process by which former employees can request the general compensation for damages, which is a payment equivalent to the leave credited to current employees. This is part of the joint agreement co-developed with federal public service unions in June, 2019 to compensate more than 140,000 current and former employees.

Over the summer, federal organizations credited eligible current employees with additional vacation days for damages caused by the Phoenix pay system. This leave represents general compensation for financial and/or non-financial damages, including but not limited to general stress, aggravation and lost time.

The damages agreement also includes additional compensation for those who experienced severe personal or financial hardship due to Phoenix, those who experienced other financial costs or lost investment income, and those who took leave for health issues related to Phoenix. This compensation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for eligible employees whose bargaining agents have signed the agreement. The Treasury Board Secretariat continues to work on implementing these elements in collaboration with these bargaining agents.

Stabilization of the Phoenix Pay System remains a top priority even as the government continues to work on the Next Generation human resources and pay solution.

For more information visit: Government of Canada compensating former employees for damages caused by the Phoenix pay system

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