NRC Maternity/Parental – Implementation deadline 180 + days

A calculation discrepancy was discovered for all Maternity and Parental top ups (small amount missing). This resulted in an underpayment for the retroactive amounts on the maternity/parental top ups. The adjustment of the remainder of the payment will be issued in the fall 2020 with the reconciliation phase of all Collective Agreement payments.

For the above mentioned reason you have been identified as someone whose collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment implementation will not be completed within 180 days of signature.  You are therefore entitled to a $50 non-pensionable amount for every subsequent complete period of ninety (90) days the implementation remains incomplete, to a maximum of $450.  This amount will be calculated and paid as one lump sum once the specific terms and conditions of employment applicable to you have been fully implemented.

Please note that this amount is in addition to the $400 you have already received in recognition of extended implementation timeframes.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Compensation Services, who will be pleased to assist you.