As a result of collective bargaining, and in accordance with the Memorandums of Understanding with respect to the Implementation of the Collective Agreements, newly negotiated rates of pay and retroactive adjustments are being implemented in a manner that is different from the past. Prospective or future forward compensation increases are being implemented separate from retroactive adjustments.  New rates of pay for all employees except PE, FI and MG will be reflected on the pay of October 16.

What this means, is that the amount that will appear on your paystubs and in your bank accounts, will represent an update of the rate only.  The amount represents an update to reflect rates of pay to which you were entitled effective September 19, 2019, based on your collective agreement. New collective agreements can be found at

Retroactive adjustments will appear at a later date and will cover the period up to September 19, 2019. Further information about the retroactive process and timing of adjustments will follow in the coming weeks.  We thank you for your patience and respectfully ask you to refrain from contacting Compensation Services for the time being, if your question relates to retroactive adjustments.  Should you have a question or concern with regards to your future forward rates of pay, please do not hesitate to contact Compensation Services at