Dear Members,

I hope that you are all enjoying your summer.


All six RCEA groups have ratified their new collective agreements.  Thank you to the members who volunteered for the bargaining committees and teams and our negotiators.

The next steps are proceeding as they should: the NRC will obtain a non-objection letter from Treasury Board, then NRC must get Ministerial approval and a recommendation for Order-in-Council approval.

I know that NRC and I are eagerly waiting for this process to conclude so we can sign the new contracts.  From that signing date, the employer will have 180 days to issue the retroactive payments (in non complicated pay scenarios).  Pay adjustments are retroactive, and new changes to the agreements will be effective on date of signing.

On July 19, 2019 most members would have received the Phoenix Damages annual leave days displayed as Entitlement Adjustments in your annual leave account balances.  If employed in most Public Service departments and/or agencies since 2016 you will receive 4 days now and the 5th day will be deposited in the new fiscal year of 2020. To be eligible for these annual days there are various restrictions and conditions.  All this information may be found on the website.

Because of a “glitch” with Treasury Board Secretariat 3 groups at NRC were not given the days they are owed, one of them being the AS group.  I and NRC Labour Relations are following this and will let you know as soon as it is worked out.

I wish you a happy summer and I will keep you posted on the collective agreement signing dates.