I am pleased to report that the AD, AS, CS, PG and TO Groups have voted, by a majority, to accept the new collective agreements. On behalf of the bargaining committees and the bargaining team and the RCEA, I thank all of you.

The next steps are for the RCEA to inform the employer of the results. The NRC then has to obtain a non-objection letter from Treasury Board. NRC must also get Ministerial approval and a recommendation for Order-in-Council approval. Once this approval has been received, the agreements will be signed by both the RCEA and NRC.

Once the agreements are signed, the employer will have 180 days to issue the retroactive payments (in non complicated pay scenarios) or face penalties as set out in the new agreements.

While pay adjustments are retroactive, all other changes to the new agreements will only be effective on date of signing of the collective agreements. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at office@rcea.ca.

I would like to thank the membership, the bargaining committees and team, and Joan Van Den Bergh for their tremendous dedication to this negotiation process.

Cathie Fraser, RCEA President