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Phoenix Damages:

On May 3rd, 2019 a sub-committee of federal public service unions and employer representatives (from Treasury Board Secretariat) reached a tentative agreement to provide damages to public service workers in light of the ongoing Phoenix payroll debacle. This sub-committee has worked diligently over the last 2 years to find a fair and practical solution for public servants regarding damages as a result of Phoenix pay system.

The sub-committee commented that while no amount of compensation could ever begin to provide full redress, it is our opinion that this agreement represents a significant and concrete recognition of the frustration and anguish felt by every public servant who has been affected by Phoenix.  It is important to recognize that this agreement in no way absolves the employers of their obligations to pay out any outstanding monies owed to any member who continues to face issues with their pay.

During these 2 years I was adamant that separate employers, in our case the NRC, be included in this agreement.  A separate MOA will be required for members of RCEA and PIPSC at NRC  I will keep you posted on the timeline for the signing of this MOA.

Under the RCEA Latest News webpage, we have a link to the Unions Joint Statement and FAQs:

Damages agreement highlights:

– additional costs can be reimbursed and additional compensation/damages can be awarded to those affected by payroll errors.

– two (2) days of annual leave for employees who worked in 2016-17 and an additional one (1) day of annual leave for each of years 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20.  For a total of five (5) days for those employed since 2016, regardless of if or how you were affected by Phoenix;

-those who are no longer employed in the public service but were during the timeframe can apply for a reimbursement equal to the amount of leave;

-allows for the reimbursement of sick leave for members who took such leave because of Phoenix;

-allows for payment of interest on delayed severance payments and pension entitlements or missing pay;

-we have also secured a commitment that should a bargaining agent secure additional compensation outside of this settlement, all signed unions will receive the same compensation.


Collective Bargaining:

As reported in the media on May 28, 2019, 3 tables at PIPSC, the members of ACFO and IBEW all reached tentative collective agreements with their employer; Treasury Board.

Bargaining committees of the RCEA are meeting the weeks of June 3 and June 10, 2019.  Dates are being scheduled to meet with the NRC. All updates for the RCEA members will be posted on our website.


We will update the members often as I believe it is going to be a very busy summer for your union.

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