Happy New Year to the members.

Welcome to the new stewards joining your Executive Committee in 2018. Their information can be found under The People; Stewards
Kevin Bricault, Boucherville
Jason Fahlman, Vancouver
Bobby Peter, Ottawa
Shannon Thompson, Winnipeg
Andrea Todd, Saskatoon
Doug Walsh, St. John’s
Ralph Webber, Penticton

Stewards who left the Executive at the end of 2017. We thank them for their dedication to their membership and their union.
Sandra Polvi, Saskatoon
Vaughan Benson, St. John’s
Geoff Melnychuk, Victoria
Jack Saini, Vancouver
Amal Zerhloul, Ottawa

The AGM in October and our new office Open House in December were both successes. We are unable to say how many members participated in the AGM, but we know there were members joining us in the M-50 Auditorium, others booked rooms in various NRC facilities and some members were online. Although there was distracting static and movement sounds on the audio, we still proceeded. Next year we will go back to our own A/V specialists.

We would like to thank NRC President Iain Stewart and VP HR Isabelle Gingras for attending this year’s AGM. Both were open when answering all the questions. And I thank the membership for asking such pertinent and timely questions. It was a chance for the membership to express our views and concerns to corporate NRC.

The new Technical (TO) collective agreement was signed on January 16, 2018. Thank you to the TO bargaining team and committee and Joan Van Den Bergh, for your tremendous hard work on this new contract, and dedication to the bargaining process.
The AD, AS, CS and PG members ratified their contracts. Now we are awaiting Governor in Council approval.
The OP bargaining team is currently in bargaining and are meeting with NRC on January 24 and 25. All updates will be posted on the RCEA website.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting the office or me at any time.