I am pleased to report that new contracts have been ratified for the AD, AS, CS, and PG groups.  It has been a longer than expected process, but worthwhile.  As a result of your bargaining teams’ knowledge and expertise, group members have achieved major work and work-life balance benefits, without concessions.  I would like to thank the membership for your patience, and thank the bargaining committees, teams and Joan Van Den Bergh for their tremendous dedication to the negotiation process.

– Cathie Fraser, RCEA President.


AD Bargaining Team

Michelle McFarland

Steve Lussier

Tracy Langmo

Joan Van Den Bergh


AS Bargaining Team

Cara Pelletier

Edith Choiniere

Veronique Desjardins

Patricia Tokunaga

Nancy Ross

Joan Van Den Bergh


CS Bargaining Team

Michael Baldwin

Jason Mills

Marvin Zaluski

Joan Van Den Bergh


PG Bargaining Team

Michel Simard

Tamara Stabb

Joan Van Den Bergh