Once a tentative agreement is reached, the following steps must be taken:

Time Period
RCEA Steps
RCEA prepares ratification and voting kit, has it translated, printed and sent out. 2 weeks
Voting time and counting of ballots. Notification to NRC of result. 3 weeks
NRC Steps
NRC has to obtain a non-objection letter from Treasury Board – They have to satisfy themselves that NRC acted within its mandate 4 – 6 weeks
Once NRC receives this letter, they must get Ministerial agreement and recommendation for an Order-in-Council approval. Up to 6 months
Order-in-Council approval.
Final Step
Signing of new agreement.


After signing of the agreement, retroactive pay calculations will commence. The timeline for this can vary between groups.

The RCEA is able to complete its required actions following the conclusion of a tentative agreement in around 5 weeks. After that, the process moves to NRC and the RCEA has no control over how long that process will take. As a Separate Employer, NRC faces a more rigorous approval process than the Core Public Service. They are also legally required to Order-in-Council approval from the Governor-in-Council and this requirement extends the process.