2017 has been another eventful year for the RCEA.  First and foremost, the RCEA office moved on August 28th to 5300 Canotek Road, Suite 100. The new lease cost will be 54% of the previous rental cost, a significant savings for the Association.  Numerous other costs will also go down, including internet and telephone.

Collective bargaining is ongoing. We have reached a tentative agreement with NRC for the TO group.  A ratification vote is currently under way.  Expedited bargaining is taking place for the AD, AS and PG groups and will shortly commence for the CS Group.  The OP Group will shortly commence normal face to face bargaining with NRC.

The annual audit, conducted by Deloitte in August 2017, indicated our continued commitment to financial restraints and our budget was upheld.  For a copy of the financial audit please contact office@rcea.ca.

The December Shutdown agreement between RCEA, PIPSC and NRC was signed in July 2017.  Days included for the shutdown will be the afternoon of December 22, and December 27, 28, and 29.

Numerous and ongoing consultation meetings with the NRC have taken place: TO Generic Mapping Exercise, Work Place Violence Prevention Policy, NRC Harassment Policy and Directive, National Occupational Health and Safely (NCOSH), NRC Dialogue, December shutdown and the Joint Consultation Committee (JCC).  Minutes for JCC and NCOSH can be found at www.rcea.ca.

Internal meetings for the union have included RCEA Management and Finance committees, National Executive Committee, Deloitte annual audit and quarterly meetings with the other federal Bargaining Agents.  These discussions encompass Phoenix, several federal Bills that may impact members and unions, and collective bargaining issues.  The RCEA is a member of the National Joint Council. This joint forum is comprised of employers and bargaining agents where we share information and consult on workplace policies and co-develop directives that provide public service-wide benefits that are outside of your group collective agreement.  The RCEA sits on several NJC Committees:  Union Management Relations Committee, Service Wide Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and Relocation Committee.

Please join the RCEA staff, stewards, fellow members, and our guest speaker, NRC President Iain Stewart at your Annual General Meeting.

I would like to thank the membership for your support.  It is my honour and privilege to represent you and the Association.

Thank you.

Cathie Fraser, President