Public Service Pension and Insurance Benefits Statements will not be issued this year, due to ongoing Phoenix pay system problems.  This will not affect your pension and benefit plan eligibility or entitlement.


Alternative pension and insurance benefit resources:

Until statements can be issued, members can access pension and insurance benefits information from the following sources:

  • Government of Canada Pension Centre: Plan members should contact the Pension Centre if:
    • They are retiring within six months and need a pension estimate;
    • They are leaving the public service and need a pension estimate;
    • They are experiencing a relationship breakdown and are dividing their pension;
    • They need information about a service buyback.
  • Basic Pension Calculator: Other plan members can use the online Basic Pension Calculator. This easy-to-use tool provides estimates of pension entitlements using information a plan member inputs directly into the calculator.
  • Compensation Web Applications: Plan members who have access to the Compensation Web Applications can view their 2015 Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement.
  •  Public Service Pay Centre or departmental compensation office: Plan members can contact either their departmental compensation office or the Pay Centre for insurance benefits information.
  • Plan members can access general plan, registration, coverage and eligibility information about the public service pension plan, and group insurance benefit plans on this website.

The Government of Canada takes its responsibility to ensure plan members have access to timely personal pension and insurance benefit information very seriously and is committed to rectifying the situation as quickly as possible.

The Information Notice regarding the issuance of the annual Pension and Insurance Benefits Statement can be found at the following link: