AS, AD, and PG Groups

NRC has proposed an expedited bargaining process for the AD, AS and PG groups.  To that end, NRC has made proposals to the RCEA with a view to concluding these agreements. The bargaining teams are considering these proposals while they wait for feedback on several still outstanding issues. The bargaining teams anticipate a response from NRC by the end of July and, at that time, a committee decision will be made on whether to accept the NRC offers and send them out for a ratification vote.

TO Group

The TO bargaining team met with NRC on two occasions. Both sessions were quite productive.  The bargaining team clearly identified those issues that, in our view, must be included in any new agreement.  NRC is working on those issues and should have a response by the end of July.  Bargaining dates have been scheduled for July 26 and 27.

OP and CS Groups

For the OP and CS groups, we anticipate beginning those negotiations in the Fall.