NRC and its certified bargaining agents have agreed in principle to proceed with the 2017 December Shutdown while they continue discussions on the Letter of Understanding governing the Shutdown period.

Except for those employees who are required to work during the Shutdown period because of operational requirements, employees will be permitted to work sufficient additional hours to replace the hours of work which would normally have been scheduled on the afternoon of 22 December and for full working days on 27, 28 and 29 December 2017.

For employees on a 37.5 hours scheduled work week, the Shutdown period is equivalent to 26.25 working hours. Employees whose regular work week is different (part time, compressed work schedule, etc.) will have their December Shutdown hours adjusted accordingly.

Codes are established in the SIGMA system to accommodate the recording of time banked and used to cover the Shutdown. All time banked for the purpose of the Shutdown should be recorded as code 1020 and recorded under leave code 0111 when taken for the Shutdown. Please do not hesitate to contact your time coordinator should you have any questions regarding time recording.