The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board has asked me to let you know of the government’s intentions regarding Bills C-4 and C-59 (Division 20), as negotiations recommence in 2016.

The President confirmed that the Government of Canada would not exercise the powers contained in Bill C-59 (Division 20) to unilaterally implement a disability and sick leave management system, and plans to repeal this legislation. The Government of Canada intends to engage in consultations with public sector partners to revisit legislative provisions introduced through Bill C-4.

These actions support the Government’s commitment to bargain in good faith with Canada’s federal public sector unions and our negotiators shall be conveying this message to you or your representatives at our next negotiation session.

Carl Trottier
Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat / Government of Canada