Hello Members,

The Annual General Meeting this year will take place on Wednesday, October 28, 5 p.m. EST.

To reach out to more members, this year we will be adding a video link (similar to YouTube) with a live chat box for questions.  Similar to last year, members can join in by tele-conference and in person.

Last year’s AGM reported that the union’s financial situation was in a serious deficit situation. All union expenses were examined and reduced where possible. The union is here solely for the membership so rising costs related to grievances, bargaining, and legal and labour relations are unavoidable. The annual audit conducted by Deloitte in August 2015 indicated that the diligence of your union office is working well. The audit showed a surplus this year and we are hopeful the budget will be balanced and on the positive side over the next few years.  For a copy of the financial report/audit please contact office@rcea.ca.

In April 2015 Joan Van Den Bergh, your labour relations negotiator, and I traveled to Victoria, Vancouver and Saskatoon. Although our usual meetings were targeted by the NRC and we were unable to meet members on NRC premises, we arranged alternate meeting locations. It was wonderful to meet the members and to discuss many pressing questions. Going forward, the NRC will not grant union-member meetings on NRC premises without prior approval.

All 6 RCEA groups have filed their Notice to Bargain and negotiations will begin soon. At the time of writing this newsletter, I am unaware of the outcome of the federal election, so predictions about negotiations are still unsettled. The RCEA along with the other 17 federal unions are still opposed to changes in your sick leave and short term disability benefits.  We believe that the existing system, with some modifications, is sufficient to manage the Public Service sick leave plan. The Conservative Government implemented many legislative changes that will continue to hinder unions and the ability to represent you as before.

I would like to thank the membership and I appreciate your loyalty to your union. It is my honour and privilege to represent you.

Thank you.
Cathie Fraser, President