The NRC is in the process of developing new generic job descriptions for the research side (Engineering, Emerging Technologies and Life Sciences) of the TO group.  The RCEA has been consulted on this during three meetings.  The RCEA has provided comments and suggestions, some of which have been adopted by NRC.  We are aware that there are many rumours out there on this.  The TO generic job descriptions are being developed under the existing classification system, the Wyatt System.  Although we have been told that in the future NRC will be implementing a new classification system, this is not what is happening now.  The classification system is not changing at this time.  Once the new generics are finalized, research TOs will be mapped to the new job descriptions.  Not all TO science jobs will fall into the generic job descriptions; some will continue to have individual job descriptions, depending on the nature and duties of the positions.

We have additional meetings scheduled with NRC where an informal redress system for those who disagree with the results of the mapping exercise can challenge the results.  This will be in addition to the existing classification and job description grievance processes. Each portfolio identified a lead (TO), who gathered input from their colleagues for this exercise. We believe that these portfolio leads were provided with copies of the early generics.  If members wish to review these generic job descriptions, they should contact the project leads.

The RCEA will provide further updates as information becomes available.