The RCEA has some long term stewards retiring over the summer.  Congratulations.

Jacques Dufour, Boucherville, represented RCEA members since 2000.  Thank you for your dedication and contributions to the RCEA and members.

Jeff Fraser, Ottawa, represented the RCEA starting in 1993.  During these years Jeff served as an RCEA representative, treasurer, vice-president, and president of the union.  Your tremendous contributions to the RCEA are greatly appreciated and you will be missed.

We would like to welcome new representatives in Boucherville, Nathalie Raymond, and in Charlottetown, Adriana Catalli.

An election for the new RCEA Treasurer took place at the June Executive. Dao Ly, Ottawa, will take on the position immediately.

An update on some of the Labour Relations issues for RCEA members:

A Policy grievance for the new security screening checks has been filed and will be heard in July.  The RCEA has filed a policy grievance for each of its bargaining units alleging implementation without consultation and privacy invasion.  Although the government gave all departments, including NRC, until October 2017 to implement the changes, NRC has decided to implement them right away and without any discussions with the RCEA.  Therefore, until the grievances are heard and decided, the revised security standards will apply.  A meeting with NRC Security Officer Tim Grubb is scheduled but has not taken place yet.  After this meeting, the RCEA and PIPSC will have more information for you.

The Budget Implementation Act (BIA) was announced in the House of Commons on May 7, 2015.  The clause concerning unions, Division 20, had royal ascension to the Senate at the end of June, even after the closing of Parliament for summer break (please see links to newspaper articles in the RCEA “Updates From The President” section of the website).  This Act would allow the Harper/Conservative government to override your constitutional Charter of Rights and trample on your right to free collective bargaining.  It appears the government is arming themselves to be able to legislate instead of negotiate.  This would enable the government to then be able to take away your right to bargain such items as your sick leave provisions and your short and long term disability provisions.  The Bargaining Agents (federal unions) have filed a joint action against the Conservative Government to try and stop this implementation.

The Operational Group (OP) filed their Notice to Bargain on May 14, 2015.  Expiry date of the current agreement is July 30, 2015, but until a new contract is negotiated, all provisions remain in effect.

I wish you all a happy and safe summer.