I wish a happy Spring to all members.  Although it is a little too early for most of us to believe that yet!

The RCEA would like to welcome a new steward, Bernard Holbrook. Bernard is located at M-36, Ottawa. His contact information is Bernard.holbrook@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca and phone 613-990-9555.

A recent call went out to all TO and CS members for the establishment of negotiation committees.  The TO group had numerous members interested, and a meeting was held in February.  The next meeting will be held in the near future.  Other CS members interested may contact us about their committee.  Any group members, at any time, may contact us to let us know of your interest in joining your committee; please email Joan Van Den Bergh at joan@rcea.ca

Preparations for the October 28th Annual General Meeting are already in progress. This year you may participate in person, by tele-conference or by webcast.  More details will be coming soon.

The RCEA met with NRC in February, who gave us an update on the TO generic job description exercise.  TO generic job descriptions are currently being done for research portfolios and will continue throughout all the other portfolios over the next year.  The RCEA encourages all Technical Officers to provide their comments to their leads and/or HR during this process.

Some of the other meetings I attended this past month included, Bargaining Agents, National Joint Council, National Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, Joint Consultation Committee, RCEA Finance Committee, and RCEA Executive Council.

If your portfolio is interested in setting up a Local Labour Management Consultation Committee (LLMCC), please let me know at cathie@rcea.ca.