Hello RCEA members

I would like to let you know how secret balloting is done at the RCEA.

At the present time votes are done through the interoffice or Post Office mail. We do not have voting on-line at the present time but I am hopeful to get this in place in the near future. To do this we would have to obtain home email addresses. You can update your member information on rcea.ca found under Member Information, then drop down menu item Member Information Change.

At the present time, secret balloting is through a mail out/mail in system. Members place ballots into an unmarked envelope that is put into an RCEA return envelope with a pre-labelled member name and address.

Ballots received by the RCEA office are collected and sorted in separate processes to keep complete anonymity. All ballots are stored in a secure location and shall not be opened before the end of day on the ballot return deadline date.

Please note that removal of your name from the outer envelope will result in a spoiled ballot.

1. Upon receipt of the labelled return envelope, your name will be struck off the voters’ list.
2. This envelope is opened and the unmarked envelope containing the ballot is deposited unopened into a second ballot box.
3. Small envelopes are opened and ballots are counted in a separate process.
4. The ballots and envelopes are kept for 30 days from the date of reporting the results to the membership, after which they will be destroyed.

Thank you.