The RCEA is saying goodbye to three steward representatives this month. I would like to thank Frank Zarboni, Ottawa for 5 .5 years of service to the RCEA. I would like to thank Mark Robertson, Vancouver for 18.5 years of service to the RCEA. Wishing a happy retirement to Kurt Konieczny, Ottawa and thank you for his service as a steward and second vice president. Thank you all for your dedication to members and to the RCEA. I would like to welcome a new representative in Vancouver, Franz Moraw.  His contact information is 604-221-3085 and

Another busy month for the RCEA.

First of all, and most importantly the arbitral awards for the AD, AS, CS, PG, and OP groups were ruled on June 3rd.  All of the groups lost the accumulation of severance for involuntary departure, and also the NRC proposed language changes in the case of WFA in relation to severance, these were awarded to the Employer.  This is not great news for members who have been with NRC for many years and then may be surplused. On the positive side, all groups will receive a minimum of 5.25% increase in wages for the past 3 years.  All groups except the CS group also received an extra year, at 1.5%.  The CS group will keep their terminable allowance. Some of the groups within the OP category also had their wages reviewed and increases were awarded.

All of the awards and summaries are posted on the website.

The AD/AS conversion committee (RCEA and NRC) met on May 29.  Meetings are still ongoing for this group and will continue for many more months.  The next step will be to establish pay scales, this has to be negotiated and will take time.

I sent a letter on May 14, which is also posted on the website to HR VP Isabelle Gingras regarding the OP group. I reiterated that the RCEA believes that the OP group should be looked at to reconsider the operational group standards and possible reorganization in priority or along with the TO group. VP Gingras agrees that NRC Management will review the OP group and take into consideration this request.

December shutdown has been approved for Christmas 2014.  A total of 33.75 hours will be needed to cover days December 24, 29, 30, 31 and January  2.  Returning to work on Monday January 5, 1015.

In regards to the Bargaining Agents, I had a subcommittee meeting on communications and mobilization; this is a forum where unions let each other know where they are in bargaining process and communications with the Employers.  June 3 I had a Bargaining Agents meeting, and June 4 and 5  National Joint Council meetings.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer.